SigmaVimRc and Sigma.nvim

I kind of promised another post, with more substance this time, so here we go.

Not long ago I made a large overhaul and refactoring of SigmaVimRc, even calling it stable at that point, but… It also showed me that actually keeping Vim and Neovim support in one config was holding back the project, both ways. At first I tried a crazy approach, trying to make it Lua-first, since Vim supports it as well, but in the end its support is pretty limited and it just wasn’t viable. So, there were two options.

Dropping Vim support and going full Lua

That would be like, most beneficial to me, as I daily drive Neovim, but it would defeat the purpose of this project which was aimed to support Vim and provide an IDE-like experience. So the project could as well be scrapped. As for simplicitiy… Supporting two different editors complicated it a fair bit, mixing in a bunch of Lua code. Even though, VimScript is quite awful, that’s what we have. So the only way to save Vim support was…

Dropping Neovim support

…which may seem confusing, since I was just saying I use Neovim. Yup, that is correct. So, since I decided to sunset Lua support and go pure VimScript again… I created a separate, Neovim-only config. Which is Sigma.nvim.

Future of the Lone Wolf’s Vim configs

I’m quite realistic here: SigmaVimRc is not going to be as actively maintained as it used to. It won’t be my daily driver anymore, but I feel it is still good config to use with Vim, so I’m not going to abandon it either. It will be put in maintenance mode, made simple again as it originally was. One choice for every plugin, with ALE in place of CoC. I’m still working on finishing that part. I might actually daily drive it for a moment to make sure it’s really fine. Only thing left honestly is making the completion and snippets work. And some visual tweaks. I also thought that maybe when Vim9 hits all the stable distros, I might port it to Vim9Script.

As for Sigma.nvim: it is 100% usable already, if it lacks something, it might be some documentation and tests when it comes to overriding the plugin configs: at least an additional way of doing it, which might be not even most optimal. So, if you use SigmaVimRc and you are Neovim user: switch to Sigma.nvim and Lua. Or fork. :)

There will be more updates soon, so if interested, keep your eyes peeled.

That’s that. Hit me up on Mastodon or Twitter.