I think I'm back...

I went silent for quite a while now, both here, not to mention my YouTube channel. Things were quite complicated recently, not particularly great. At some point I recorded kinda part 1.5 of VimCast (which was totally made up format, because I rambled for way too long), but it was with my laptop mic and camera, and I never even started editing it. Maybe I will, or I will finally record MicroOS long-term review. Probably the latter.

Many things have changed, I moved away from my previous place and I’m staying with my parents for a while. To save some money, and to have some time to think what’s next. Haven’t really figured it out yet. I’ve cut my hair, I guess the photo on this blog already shows. And everything feels just weird, and it takes time to accomodate. Eventually, I will be there though.

I would like to post here more often, maybe with shorter notes, and maybe more interesting than moaning about life being not exactly what I wish it was. This iteration of this post is much better than the previous though, in terms of moaning about personal stuff.

I guess the best thing to do is to just become busy, and I have a lot of ideas, a lot of things I’d like to do. Just yesterday I made cfetch, a minimal neofetch’y program, which in all honesty doesn’t do anything useful, and it’s only purpose was to learn how to make a fully fledged CLI program in C (it has options, it has config, it has pretty output). Most probably I won’t be really updating it, as there’s nothing more to learn adding just more lines.

But… who knows.

Have a nice day, and hit me up on Mastodon or Twitter.