My lifelog... I guess

Well, hello there. If you’ve been following me, you might have already noticed that my YouTube channel went radio silent a while ago. Just in a moment I started getting some nice feedback and it is kind of nothing I can do about it right now. I thought that some stuff will be resolved by now, but it isn’t. And I’m not in a place (mentally and physically) to sit down and record a full fledged video. Instead I decided to maybe write some more.

If I’m being frank, I don’t know what else could I say. I think I’m long past spilling some personal stuff on a blog on the Internet. Things are not really fine. They will be fine, eventually. Hopefully. There are things out of my control, so I’m spending some time tinkering and coding my little private projects, like rewriting my Vim framework in Lua. It deserves it’s own blog post though.

That’s that. Hit me up on Mastodon and Twitter.