New site and stuff

My coming back soon is still quite not that soon it seems. Although I haven’t been active Youtube-wise or podcast-wise I created some things. I have my own Slackware repository with some things I couldn’t find or I wanted either a newer version of, or built differently. Big hacker stuff, I’m telling you.

Also I’ve been recently watching / listening to so much Linux stuff, it inspired me to generally work a little bit about my workflow on Linux, I learned or kind of relerarned things I already knew about shell scripts and stuff, which actually now I’m also using in my day to day work, not my private nerd shit only. I will for sure go in that direction with the new content I’m planning to finally start releasing.

Also, the site is different now. I tried Grav, because I wanted a static site with posts written in markdown, but Grav isn’t really that. It has a PHP backend that is totally not static - it just generates HTML from markdown in real time. Although it seems I found something I was looking for and it’s Jekyll. Now I can just write a post in markdown, rebuilt the site locally, and rsync the html and assets to the server (which might have just happened if you’re reading this).

As you might see, I also became a Nord theme enjoyer lately. It’s basically ‘nordic’ colour palette, which is very light on the eyes. I feel like I might be overusing it at this point, but I think it’s pretty nice. Maybe at some point I will come back to my hackery green-on-black style, but not yet at least.

Another thing, which I will be working to fix soon is the fact, that PONcast is down. Of course, it is still up on YouTube, but the hosting I used just stopped serving the free-tier users content, without much notice. So, I guess I will either ignore it, because it is already old content, or host it myself, on this very site. Like the new podcast that I’m planning to start. ‘Planning’ is the key word here.

Anyway, have a good one.