The future

I went silent for quite a long time on my channel, if at all I was active on my new twitter account. The way I use this account might be one of the first topics for my uploading come back.

It will come eventually, but I’m waiting for a moment when I could be pretty sure I can do it consistently. My plans include using both channels, but I guess it is not that interesting to talk about. Also, I have one video that is already recorded basically, but maybe I will finally either finish editing it, or re-record it, because I already cringe listening to it.

I recently switched back to daily driving Linux, so there for sure will be some more nerd topics, Linux gaming and all that stuff. For some reason I kind of avoided it before, but now I’m going full variety content. Also, a podcast is coming back.

It is more like talking to myself here, because I won’t really be pushing this post anywhere. It’s more because I want to have something on the site before I start uploading again, and posting here.

Anyway, see you soon.

updated_at 06-02-2022