KyotoNight and SigmaVimRc dev log

So, I fullfilled my 3 posts in January thing and then went radio silent. That has to do not really with sheer laziness, but some other real life stuff, which is also reflected in the lack of activity on my YouTube channel. Recently a month old video was uploaded, so it’s technically not new either. I was more active with some tinkery stuff, and also decided to update my Vim projects.

Development on SigmaVimRc and KyotoNight colorcheme kind of staled, but that is caused by the fact, that… well, there’s pretty much nothing to add there. I daily drive both of these projects in my Neovim config, and there are no issues to fix there, at least in my own experience. But there was some stuff to add.

KyotoNight colorscheme

New additions to the repo were some new extras and little changes to existing ones, so it can hardly be called improvements to the core of the project. I made some changes to i3 theme, added tym (a minimalistic Lua terminal emulator), Contour (a modern QT terminal emulator) and Xfce4 terminal and panel themes. And that’s pretty much it. All these were made a while before, but I figured to drop them into the repo, because someone might like to use it, and also to keep the repo updated.


My (Neo)Vim framework got some meaningful fixes a while ago. This time I added support for the template files, which allows you to create your own templates for new file creation with some boilerplate code already there, or some file headers, which is always nice. One meaningful fix, for LSP users, was updating the default Lua LSP server to lua_ls from sumneko_lua that got deprecated. Not much to do here besides that, as I’m not indeting on bloating the config with tens of plugins Doom Emacs-style, and since it’s very simple framework (if you can even call it that), there aren’t many places it can fail either. I’m also not entirely sure if anyone except me uses it right now. If you do, tell me.

Anyway, that would be it for today, a short update on what I’ve been doing with my little projects this month. I also feel kind of under the weather, which is a bit unfortunate for several reasons, but that that.

Have a nice day, and hit me up on Mastodon or Twitter.