Why I stayed on GitHub

As you may already know, GitHub had some bad reputation going on. Especially when it came to copilot using GPL licensed code not respecting the license. Also, the single fact that it is now owned by Microsoft seems a red flag, especially for FOSS enthusiasts and activists.

Even I moved my private repos to GitLab at that time, and kind of considered leaving it, but since I started actually maintaining some little projects, and contributing a little to some other projects I learned why it would be hard for me to leave GitHub totally behind.


The first one right off the bat is *GitLab*, which is open-source. Of course, it is backed by a corporation, which may again, be a red flag to some, but still better than GitHub in that regard. But in other regards… I have no idea how to explore or discover code on GitLab if I don’t already have a link to it. It seems to lack the social platform aspect of GitHub or discoverability of new projects.

Then there’s *SourceHut*. Well… It’s interesting, it has it’s own open-source backend, looks very minimal, has recently some controversy with banning crypto projects, and also to actually host repos there you need (or needed?) to donate. It’s also very barebones. For sure useful, but in the ‘social’ aspect it is seems worse than GitLab.

BitBucket… I don’t believe anyone in their right mind uses any Atlassian product for their private stuff, so I’m not even including it as an alternative.

And there’s *Codeberg*. It’s based on Gitea and as little as I actually browsed it, it might be the only actual alternative to GitHub. It has everything GitHub has (I’m not counting copilot of course), has a way explore projects like… sensibly. As a bonus, it actually respects .org documents options. E.g.: it generates table of contents automatically. In the realm of being pro open-source: it is backend by a non-profit organization, is open-source of course and seems only real alternative to GitHub at the moment.

Will I switch?

Well… I will sure explore Codeberg more. I’m already mirroring my main personal projects there. I might move my private repos there as well. GitHub still has perks of being most popular, usually the default hosting place for open-source projects, Vim plugins, etc. And even though it’s owned by Microsoft, and all the problems copilot and the way it was implemented has, it is still a good service.

You said mirroring?

Some services offer automatic mirroring of repos, but what I do, I just add another origin to my local repository and push changes to all of them (if I remember that is), and that’s it.

git remote add codeberg git@codeberg.org:user/repo.git
git push codeberg master

That would be it for this one. Soon I will upload a video about NitruxOS, not sure when, because… stuff.

Have fun and fight me on Mastodon or Twitter.