Cfetch: my little fetch program in C

I’ve recently created a simple C program, so originally named too: cfetch.

In the previous post I mentioned it briefly, as a little excercise project to learn a little bit more about C programming.

Language hunt

Generally, I was like hunting for a programming language to write some side-projects in, and I was considering a few. I was looking into Elixir, which is pretty nice, but it doesn’t seem like… general purpose enough. I kind of liked V, but it’s still in beta and just very obscure language. I, of course, also we’re eyeballing Rust, but the whole Rust Foundation debacle just made not really want to go there.

Enter C

I wasn’t going to write CLI utilities in PHP or JavaScript, so I needed another language. Enter C. Quite obvious, maybe too obvious even. Actually, my first language was C++, but I’ve never really worked with C, but it still seems pretty familiar. It’s like an ultimate general purpose, low-level language and exactly what I was looking for.


Well, obviously it is a pretty useless vanity CLI app, but I think it’s a good field to experiment. I was already thinking of moving to maybe some other project, but then I though that maybe I can make it into a utility I would want to use myself.

Which would require few changes and additions, like more stuff that it actually fetches. Better configration file (I’m thinking about using TOML). Better frame and output rendering - I’ve written my own code to do it, so I need to either refine it, or use some library that probably already does it better. And finally, an option of adding your own positions to the fetch output (icon, color, command to run).

So, I believe until I’ll get an idea for some better utility to work on, I will be fiddling with this little project a bit.

So, that’s it. That’s my C programming ventures.

Have a nice day, and hit me up on Mastodon or Twitter.