I'm back [VIDEO]

I’m coming back from the dead. There’s a new video on the channel. A lot of rambling, actually very long rambling about me using Linux, that got cut and promoted to it’s own video which will be coming next.

Also, there’s another video in the queue already, waiting to be edited. So things might be lloking quite promising on the content front for me. I wanted to also make a video about best terminal emulator, but I might downgrade to an underrated terminal emulator, because I just discovered Alacritty…

I really wanted to not make only nerdy stuff after my come back, but I have a lot things going on in my head I want to talk about, and most of them have to do with either Linux, software in general or programming. So it might be a big shift for the channel.

Anyway, go watch my new video, hope it isn’t too bad, as I haven’t done in like A YEAR. See you soon.

PS: Also, here goes a big test to my new Netlify integration, because after I push this to gitlab, my site should be updated. But will it really? Well see. I’m going to sleep now. Good night!