So, I just made Jekyll use Org documents instead of markdown

Well, since I’ve been using Org-mode for a while now for my notes, and TODOs, and maybe since I discovered how to actually use it just a little while ago, I realized that Markdown is just annoying. I know it’s fairly similar, but with Org I just don’t need to google every time I want to create a link with description, or attach an image. It just makes way more sense.

So I tried using jekyll-org plugin to do that, and it didn’t work. There were some errors, and that’s it. It’s the end. No Org for me. I started looking around for something else, but still no luck, as most other solutions seem wildly outdated. I started thinking that maybe I can fix some of these plugins, because after making my own Vim theme, which is literally copy-pasted code with some fixes and different color palette, I gained much confidence in my jerryrigging skills.

Althoug I found this issue on GitHub. It seems, that the problem I was facing is already fixed, but it never got a version release, so nwewest changes don’t get pulled in. What I needed to do was adding the following to my Jekyll Gemfile instead of what plugin’s README suggests:

gem 'jekyll-org', git: '', branch: 'master'

And it works! And this very post is written in Org.

So that’s that.

PS: I think I need to update this site’s theme to Tokyo Night palette.